Past and Present of Shiku Temple


"Staying honest and kind is the only way to stay true to yourself " said by the company founder Chu Jiwang and always as creed to affect others.


Shiku Temple is built above stone-made residential houses of Lantou village, whose gate is facing south."Shiku Temple" on blue bottomed plaque is in scripted by prestigious Master Yunguan from Tiantai County. Main room of Manjusri residence lies behind the gate. A statue of Manjusri on a lion is cliff- carved at the center.The statue looks high and solemn; Buddhisattva Manjusri is beautiful and elegant with a smile, holding Ruyi at both hands. A smaller

Buddhisattva statue is sitting on his bun, with cross legs and resting hands with a mudra of meditation.The Manjusri statue half sits with crossed legs. His lion is flying with one foot in the air, surrounded by auspicious clouds.Take a closer look, two followers are kneeing down at both sides of the Manjusri statue, like givers.


The lion-riding Manjusri statue is more than 10 meters high. It's

a beautifully carved piece of sculpture finished by several stone masons from Fujian. The statue has won the Golden Prize of Huian International Carving Art Fair, which is a high affirmation of its carving technique.Two vividly modeling Manjusri are on the cliff of each side of the main statue, one of which holding a flaming a sword, another reading scripture...The five Manjusri Bodhisattva is telling that this is the right earthly abode of Manjusri.

Besides, there are one cave after another, mong which there are the Daxiong main Hal l Salyamunl Htall Avalokitesvara Budhisett atall The curved Buddhisetta are sleeping, standing, sittig... Most of these are cif-curved,some are rlief like the statue in SalyamuniHall Four King Kongs at the gate. Step out ofthe caves,at North ofthe Lantou Mountain,there are severalstatues, among which the standing children-sending Avaloitesvar Buddhisttva statue is over10 meters' high.Sculpted along the mountain shape, the Awvalokitesvara Buddhisattva statu looks solemn and greceful. A Danging well full of green water is at North of the mountain too. Buddhisettva weathstatue is curved on the wellcif. n a word,the statues complex at North of the mountain is in line with the secular mood for wealth and children.


As s known to all Manjusrits the Bodisattvas who attend Shajyamunl Buddhisattva at left, head of Budthisattva, representative of wisdom and truth. l have been travlled to his residence at Wutai mountain. Manjusr's Dharma cLolecton of harma Sutra reads t that time Manjusri told Gutyepada Varah that'after my death, l will go to the northeast of ambu Dvipa.There is a country named Dazhena.There was a mountai n the country nmed Wuding Manjusr marched and lived there to preach for all people." Dazhena is the old name of India to China, Wuding is Wutai mountain.


Poem on My Life

By Chu Jiwang


l always hold a belief of mercy, Avoiding evils through the whole life. l love the country and the people deeply, Which makes me respected.

Time flies away as season changes, Taking away resentment quietly.

l've struggled through formidable moments, And buried bitterness and sorrow behind. l beg for a peaceful and prosperous age! May l be wisdom enough to embrace life!


Shiku Temple

the residence of Buddhisattva Manjusri


Generatons of masons who had been working for hundreds of years will be glad to see the stones they hammered out are now presented as a Buddhist word.The constoucton of Wushan ShikuTemple has the still fthe miners in the past century. Therefore, on the front wall of the main room,Chu jiwangisrbed "not one personspower,not one person's work , hich solutes both the previous generations masons and todays Fujian stone mason.The past and present of the Shiku Temple istelling a truth that nothing would stay ti; what's more, it reveals that miracles are created by men.