Enterprise culture, as a lighthouse leading a firm to success, hasbeen highly stressed by chu Jiwang, who is an entrepreneur.


" Expanding business around

the world, guided by culture "


-- Mr. Chu Jiwang



Chu Jiwang -founder of Nlngbo Ruy i oint Stock Co. lro , winer of Letime Contribution Award by CTA and a National Outtanding Townshio Entrepreneur .in December 1995, he was rated as 100 Outstanding  Veterans of China and receved by General Secretay jang Zemin in 2018,he was rated as Nation Oustanding Entrepreneur and in 2019, he was rated as National ModelVleterans. Chu liang has fol.wed President X Jinpigs vsi 6 times fllwed 20 visits with the Party and state leaders.



Owning a compassionate heart, Chu jiwang has donated 170 million yuan to education, health, civil affairs, the Disabled Person's Federation, homes for the aged and poverty alleviation over the past 36 years, accounting for a quarter of the companys total assets . ln 2005, he was awarded the title of China Charity Award by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. He is also the winner of China Charity outstanding contribution (individual) Award, ZhejIang charity model, "Ningbo charity model,Ningbo good man, etc.



Chu jiwang is a member of China Writers Association, an off campus tutor for postgraduates of Peking University, and an entrepreneurship tutor of colleges and universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo University and Ningbo Second T echnician College.He has published 18 books, to name a few, How to keep young,40 years' hardship, How do l deal with foreigners, Love and business, Culture and business, Stories of five hundred Arhats. In 2013, he joined hands with Literary Port Magazine to set up a permanent "Chu Jiwang Literature Award" with a donation of 10 million yuan. Besides, a large number of passages, essays and theoretical articles written by him are scattered in newspapers and periodicals.


Among them, the ful text of How dol deal with foreigners has been reprinted by 17 newspapers including China Busness Times ntemtonal Eus ness Daly ChinaTrade Dly. nhej(ang Daily and Ningo Del .The English poetry colection The Scent of Sea Spray was launched at the 2016 New Delh wornd Book Fair. In 2011, his opera work Sound of Jjiangnan was selected into CCTv Opera Spring Festival Gala.



As an outstnding representeatve of veteran entrepreneurshio,Chulivangt lie sory are well eceived,reprited and broadcasted by newspapers, mainstream meda across the countr lie Xnhua News Agency. PLA Dlil. CT, hina National Radio, Guangming Dally,Economic Daly,Legal Daly,China Youth Dally, workers DalyChina Women's Daily, Inner Mongolia Daily,Yunnan Daily and Ningbo Daily, Sina.com, Netease.


On jan.23.2006,People's Daly putblished in ts front page a passage with pictures Sharing Worries and Soving Dificuties, Focusing on Double Suport Story of Chu jiwang a Natonal Outstandig Veteran. The stoy of Chu jiwang is repoted n cover 2 of the 4th ssue of Qiushil Magezin . According to incomplete statistics,Chu Jiwang's life story has been published by more than 400 newspapers and websites around the country.


On Jan16,207,the TV seres"Batrle comopanont (formery known as the Old Montor) with Chu liwang as the character prototype and Ninghai reform achievements as the background officall started flming in Ninghal twas successfuly completed on Mach 17 and broadcast in May 2008 in the prime time of CCTV 8,thre &episodes a day.




Every year, the company awards excellent

employees from different departments

Award of merit to employees over 30 years


Organize female staff tour in women's day every year